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Exterior painting is one of the few, must-do things around the house. Exterior house painting ultimately helps protect your home while increasing its value. Proper maintenance of your home will improve both curb appeal and help resistance again the weather. In many cases, house painting is something that is not typically well maintained and simply overlooked. Not maintaining your home’s exterior painting condition could ultimately cause wood and/or synthetic materials to fail, resulting in major repairs. These repairs could end up being more costly than painting the entire home. It is especially important to maintain your exterior paint coating if you already have problematic siding or trim. On average, houses are only painted three to four times in their total life span. Most people feel that they are saving money to wait the few extra years to paint the exterior of their home, when in reality, long term it will cost more money.

As your Maryland exterior painting contractor, we emphasize at each initial exterior painting estimate that your exterior paint coating is never better than what you are painting over. Correct preparations play an important role in how long your exterior paint coating will last. Of course the more preparation it takes to achieve the best paintable surface, the more costly the project. However painting over bad surfaces of your home’s exterior simply doesn’t make sense and will not last. So don’t allow your home to go more than four to seven years without a fresh coat of paint. You will be glad you did !

Exterior Painting Steps
Pressure washing & gutter cleaning
Necessary repairs
Necessary scraping & sanding
Necessary priming/spot priming
Caulking and window glazing
Top coat painting
Exterior Painting Tips
1. Power washing your home each year helps preserve your home’s exterior paint coating.
2. All block, brick and stucco surfaces should be painted with products that will allow moisture to transfer.
3. Using better products, means less frequent repaints, resulting in saving you money over time.
4. Garage doors, gutters and down spouts should not be painted, unless they have been painted already, or are beginning to oxidize.
5. When you touch your home and get a chalky residue on your fingers, this is a huge indicator that it’s time to paint.
6. When considering colors, stay away from colors that are naturally subject to fading, which are reds, yellows, and gray.
7. And how you can save money by contracting us for other exterior services in conjunction with your exterior painting project. Call and receive your free obligation estimate/quote today!

Attention to detailed and surface preparation is the most
Important Part of a paint job

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