Interior House Painting

A professional interior painting service should add personality to your home that will reflect your inspriation or style. Interior house painting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to express your unique style within your home. Adding your specific interior paint colors establishes a comfort level that simply makes you feel more at home and brings a true sense of ownership. Painting your interior ceiling, walls or trim also helps to establish the desired energy level for the area. Whether you are making the color decision for your children’s bedrooms, your home’s common area or your master bedroom, we understand that color selection is extremely important !

Our interior painting professionals will help gather your interior painting ideas and turn them into a reality. At Bethesda Custom Painting, we consider the best possible transitions between rooms. We identify light reflect values and the true undertone of your favorite interior paint colors. We also help to identify your interior painting inspirations and style. Helping you identify your style is one of the most important steps when considering colors that would best suit you. While your favorite color may not always be the best choice, we try to consider what you will be happy with and what will compliment what’s pre-existing, whether it is the furniture, tile or floors. We will assist you with choosing the best interior paint colors and products that will best fit your home and your personal taste. As an interior painting contractor, we aim to surpass your expectations in multiple ways !

Interior Painting Steps:
  • Furniture Placement
  • Complete Floor Covering
  • Necessary Repairs
  • Necessary Scraping, Plastering & Sanding
  • Necessary Caulking & Puttying
  • Necessary Spot Priming & Priming
  • Top-Coat Painting
  • Clean Up
Interior Painting Tips
1.Creating contrast between walls and trim is important.
2. In adjacent or connecting rooms, making sure the colors transition well is important.
3. To make picking accent colors easy, just pick a base color and go a couple shades darker.
4. To help coverage and color retention with reds and yellows, choose colors that have red and yellow bases
5. In high-moisture areas use antimicrobial paints that help resist against mold and mildew.
6. Flat paints are not as durable as satin’s however flat hides imperfections.
7. Satin is more durable and washable that flat paints, but satin paint show flaws in walls and usually doesn’t touch up well.
8. When painting larger walls we suggest using thicker paints to reduce that chance of lap marks.
9. Ask how you can save money by painting ceilings, walls and trim together. Call and receive your free no obligation interior painting estimate today !

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